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Toddlers Room

Our Toddlers Room (2-3 years)

Your child will be supported by our educators through a program of play-based learning activities to help them explore their own interests and strengths.

School Readiness is a key aspect of Early Learning

Beckenham Early learning’s school readiness program is designed to prepare children for the transition to the more structured and independent environment of attending school. School readiness is not all about academics though, we recognise that children learn best through play, and that more important than skill development is their development of social and emotional wellbeing.

Through the play-based curriculum children are developing many skills which will be beneficial to them at school, such as developing a sense of belonging, social skills necessary for group participation, responding to and coping with change and developing literacy and numeracy skills.

Our curriculum is displayed in the room and updated daily, we encourage all families to read and give feedback about the activities, this feedback is incorporated into the curriculum and assists the educators tailer the learning experiences to each child’s specific needs and strengths.

What other families say about Beckenham Early Learning

Abigail Boldlock
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Very good daycare 🙂 my youngest loves daycare . Her daycare educators in her room are really nice and always give me updates at pick up time and tell me about her nap times. They really care about the kids - the babies are well taken care off.good small daycare and very well supervised
Abhishek Subba
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Well managed, friendly educators. My child started going to this centre after we moved to Perth 2 years ago from Gero and we are very satisfied with the care they provide. They have good communication with us and our concerns are taken onboard seriously. We are planning to enrolling our youngest child in near future. Keep up your good work Vivienne, Aparna and team.
Sunita Pant
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Love this centre staff are amazing chefs food is the best My chilcren were picky eaters before attending beckenham early learning and they were looked after very much. All cultures are respected. Highly recommend this centre.
Nerissa Manuk
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We have been a part of BELC for the past 7 years, they have become family. We moved house between our first and second child, and were going to put the second one into a centre closer to home, but we loved BELC so much that we are willing to drive that little bit further to bring our youngest here. They have always helped us if we need it, and love our littlies like their own. A wonderful centre for our kids, with wonderful staff and a fantastic education system. We always recommend BELC to anyone looking for care for their kids.
Grishma Gurung
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We are really thankful and tension free when we drop our son in this childcare. The staff there are really friendly and professional. My special thanks to Sushmita and Biak.
David Ashley
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Great centre, lots of space for the kids to play and caring friendly staff. My son is really happy there.
Jacinta Monck
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My little one absolutely loved the staffed here at Beckenham and so did I. Could not have asked for a better daycare to look after my little one while I was at work.
Mohit Chauhan
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I was lucky to be introduced to this centre for my kids and ever since there was no looking back. All my kids have been to this centre and never had any issues. Would recommend to anyone.

Healthy Nutrition

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack are provided to meet the individual needs of your child. Some children may have very specific food requirements due to family preferences, cultural background, allergies and or food intolerances. We work closely and in consultation with all families to make sure individual children’s needs are met as part of our menu planning process. All meals are served in our designated dining area to build connections with the children and educators.

Toddlers Childcare Beckenham FAQ

What are group sizes like in the toddlers room?

As a small family run service, we take pride in our commitment to small group numbers. Small group sizes facilitate the development of closer relationships between educators and toddlers. This connection is vital for building trust and promoting emotional well-being in young children.

Some toddlers may become overstimulated in larger groups. A smaller setting minimizes sensory overload, creating a more comfortable environment for toddlers to explore, play, and learn.

We understand how hard it is to be away from your child, so we are committed to sending you updates throughout the day through our interactive parent app Xplor.

We are always available on the phone, via email or available to discuss your child on drop off or pickup.

We maintain a close partnership with our families, keeping you informed about your toddlers daily activities, milestones, and moments of joy is our priority

We encourage play dates prior to your enrolment start date, these will allow your toddler to explore the new environment with you present, It is a wonderful way to help your toddler transition smoothly.

Every child is unique, and their reactions to new experiences can vary. Some children may thrive with playdates and social interactions, while others may need more time to adjust. Our educators will be attentive to your child’s cues and comfort level, and will always prioritize positive and enjoyable interactions.

Transitioning a toddler from home to childcare can be a significant change for both the child and the family, we ask you to share your toddler’s routine in the enrolment form, consistency in routine can provide comfort and predictability for your toddler.

Establish a goodbye routine when dropping off your toddler. Keep it short and sweet, but reassuring. A consistent goodbye routine helps your child understand that you’ll be back to pick them up.

Children can pick up on their parents’ emotions also, stay calm, positive, and upbeat during drop-offs. Your confidence and reassurance can help ease your toddler’s anxiety.